The Tooth Fairy Came...

The girls have that cold that's going around, and I have been on my feet running around for days checking fevers, and keeping the them content. Their constant waking through the night...flipping from napping to boredom and back in the daytime...has left me super tired.

Anyway, a couple of days ago Ava lost a tooth, and she put it in her little tooth pillow next to her bed. She also wrote a note requesting gum instead of change - apparently she decided that the Tooth Fairy also brings gifts.

My Husband did bedtime. I did some writing until late in the night, and by the time I went to bed I couldn't sleep of course, and by the time I did fall asleep, Ava woke up. To comfort her, I stood next to her bed while she fell back asleep - 30 mins.

I was literally swaying on my feet watching the clock tick through the 3 o'clock hour. At about 3:21am it occurred to me that the Tooth Fairy hadn't come yet.... So then she did. Unfortunately, when she felt around in the dark to find the tooth pillow (to retrieve the tooth), she knocked the note off of the bedside table. It made a rustling sound as it landed in a doll crib. She flinched but Ava stayed asleep. Then the Tooth Fairy realized that she needed to get some change (the gum thing just wasn't going to happen), and she thought to look through her bag in the master bedroom. Of course the unzipping of the bag woke up Ava's Daddy who asked, "What's going on? What are you doing?". The Tooth Fairy mumbled something about the lost tooth, stuffed it into a pocket, and grabbed a Toonie and left the room.

She stealthily went back into Ava's room with the tooth pillow, and went to place it back onto the bedside table...and the Toonie fell out and made aloud bang. Ugghh. Ava woke up and asked, "What was that?". I said, "I don't know, it's okay go back to sleep."  The Tooth Fairy thought about the note lost somewhere in the doll crib and thought, "Crap, I'll just have to leave it. Maybe Ava will see it down there and think that it wasn't noticed."

Hours later when Ava woke up, she excitedly showed me her new money. She said, "The Tooth Fairy didn't bring me gum, she must not have seen my note." I said, "Oh, I guess she didn't." Then we went to the store with her money and bought a new hairband.

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