A Bed for Fred - Children's Book Review

As soon as Madelaine spotted A Bed For Fred (written by Lori Zoss) in the mailbox, she insisted on carrying it around the house all day. She packed it in her mini backpack and toted it around, then took it out and cuddled the book along with one of Ava's dog stuffed animals.

In the evening, we all sat together and I read the girls the new book. The story begins with Fred the Basset Hound sleeping in his small red bed and dreaming of toys and treats. When his father wakes him up, Fred leaves his bedroom to have breakfast - when he returns to get dressed his bed is gone! When he can't find his bed a mouse suggests that he look outside.

Once outside, Fred meets a frog and a cricket who can't help him - they haven't seen his bed. Then he sees his friend Owl who suggests that he return home because it's getting dark and Fred realizes that his father doesn't know that he left the house. Fred's father finds him, and then tells him that he replaced the outgrown bed with a larger blue one. Fred returns home and curls up in his comfy new bed.

A Bed for Fred is a sweet book that young children can relate to. Moving from a small bed/crib to a bigger bed is a big deal for little ones.

I received a copy of A Bed For Fred for my review. All opinions and reviews expressed are my own.

PS. Ava likes Fred's friend Owl the best - because she's pink and purple...of course. 

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