Ego vs. Spirit

(Painting by Ava at age 5, "Portrait of Mommy")

What does the Ego give me?                         What does Spirit give me?
* Comparison                                                   *  Love
* Complaint                                                     *  Compassion
* Spending Money                                            *  Truth
* Rushing/Being Busy                                        * Being
* Snappy words/Tired                                       *   Happiness
* Resentments                                                   *  Growth
* Gossip                                                            *  Nature
* Caring what others think                                 *   Forgiveness
* Mental Noise                                                  *  Inspiration           

Why are we choosing to live in our Ego's? Is it really a badge of honor to rush and be busy? Is stretching ourselves thin and keeping up with what everyone else seems to be doing actually making us happy?

Who cares what others are doing? Why don't we take a breath and reflect on the quiet within that we cover up and stifle with stuff? Buy stuff, buy more stuff...stuff will make you happy...I promise.... Isn't that what we see and hear all day? Make sure that you have the stuff everyone else has so you look good.

I want peace. For me, that means I need more quiet. Maybe less city and more Nature.

How about as a society and larger community we refuse to buy into the noise any longer? Let's complain less and brag less about our busy lives, and instead sit together to talk about concepts and change. 

Let's make this world a better place for all of us by shutting down the Ego, and focus on Spirit, compassion, and growth. 

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