I'm a 90's girl.... Polyvore

I was a teen in the early 90's, and I feel a warm comfort when I see that 90's fashions are back in stores. Florals, black, cardigans, maxi skirts....

I have noticed that overalls have been included in the revival - no thanks on that one. Maybe the younger ladies are into them.... I remember that I made some in Home Ec in grade 9....

Yes, I do shop at Forever 21 online. I'll admit that. I am 35+ now...and my husband does call the store Forever 12... I don't care - I always find great basics and dresses. With the selection I can dip my toes back into the 90's and think about Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, David Usher, Trevor Hurst, Todd Kerns - my first loves.

I don my new floral dress with bell sleeves, and remember the days of sitting in front of the tv watching Much Music. Video after video of cathartic emotional connection - sitting with a group of girl friends, talking about whatever; watching the bands play from their hearts, singing lyrics with meaning (depression with the charge of change).

{No fashions are truly new - everything is based on the past. Take a look at fabric prints of the 40's and see them repeated in the 90's . I know that some current designers are designing clothes that appear to be of the future, but they are always based on the 60's.}

Anyway, here are some of my Forever 21 picks that take me back to that time:

90's Inspired - Forever 21

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