all you need is less: The Eco-Friendly Guide to Guilt-Free Green Living and Stress-Free Simplicity - Book Review

Jenny Lutes

I have found that over the past year I'm feeling drawn to look at how I can simplify my life. How can I tread lighter? How can my family be kinder to the Earth? How can we be more conscious of what we use and discard?

All You Need Is Less was written by Vancouver Eco Blogger Madeleine Somerville, and this book gives simple eco-friendly solutions without making the reader feel guilty for past use of chemicals etc. (The cover makes me want to go sit on that Adirondack chair, and to relax, and be quiet for awhile.)

Madeleine makes some great points about the nature of the environmental movement beyond the recycling and reusing. She points out that we fail to reduce our buying and accumulating items in the first place.

Reduce consumption and stop buying useless stuff - this reduces our waste and time spent shopping, cleaning & organizing. She points out that we regard possessions as rewards and continue to collect them. They pile up to the point that we need to buy more stuff to organize and store them - the home organization industry is booming. "Becoming more conscious about what you are buying, and conscious too about how you will store, clean, maintain and dispose of each separate item you put into your shopping cart can go a long way toward tempering the amount of stuff you consume,..." 

I enjoyed reading through All You Need Is Less because the chapters cover home recipes for cleaners but so much more. Madeleine includes recipes for personal care, and ideas for: simple changes that can be done to the home, food & drink, table settings, reducing waste at the grocery store, gardening pesticide free, health & wellness, and simplifying for babies & pets.

Rather than looking at being eco-friendly as a fad, Madeleine gives ideas of how to truly live the lifestyle. I live in the heart of the city and I appreciate her thoughts about how to simplify our lives. When we cut down on the outside material stuff then we quiet our minds.

Check out the All You Need Is Less blog for a list where to buy the book.

I received a copy of All You Need Is Less for my review. All opinions and reviews expressed are my own. 

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