Best of Bridge Home Preserving - Cookbook Review

Jenny Lutes

Many of us remember canning fruit and making pickles and jam with Parents and Grandparents when we were young. Now making preserves at home is a great way to utilize the delicious berries that we can pick ourselves at local UPicks and fruit that we buy at Farmers Markets. Ava and my Husband make raspberry jam every summer to give to family - it's always a hit. Maybe this year they can try Bumbleberry Jam:

Jenny Lutes

My Mom makes a wonderful recipe with chicken baked in marmalade sauce. The Carrot and Pineapple Marmalade preserve would be a perfect spread for her recipe: 

Jenny Lutes

Kick off movie night at home with the Black Bean Tomato Salsa

Jenny Lutes

In addition to the 120 recipes, there is information regarding:

* Food safety
* Equipment & supplies needed
* Terminology (ie. setting point, gelling point, etc.)
* Quick tips for success

For complete recipes pick up The Best of Bridge Home Preserving - published in 2014 by Robert Rose Inc. It can be purchased at Indigo, Amazon, and other online retailers.

I received a copy of The Best of Bridge Home Preserving for my review. All opinions and reviews expressed are my own.

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