Boogie Wipes - Review

When the girls were babies I used saline drops to help clear sinuses during colds. Now that they're older they refuse the drops so the saline Boogie Wipes  do the trick. I like that I can carry the small wipes pack in my bag.

Boogie Wipes are specially formulated saline wipes with different scent options - Grape, Fresh Scent, and Unscented. They're soft and gentle on the skin - regular tissues can cause red dry skin. Kids get so many colds during the school year - Teachers can even stock their classrooms with Boogie Wipes for their students.

Teacher's Kit:

Many people have seasonal allergies and these wipes could benefit them as well - they don't have to be for children only.

Check out the Boogie Wipes site for info and product details: Boogie Wipes are distributed by Farleyco, and can be purchased at many retailers across Canada such as: London Drugs, Loblaws, Walmart, select Rexall and select Shoppers Drug Marts. 

I received two packs of Boogie Wipes for my review. All opinions and reviews expressed are my own.

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