Ayla Gloves - Review

Jenny Lutes

Ayla Gloves are long fingerless gloves that are stylish, chic, and super comfy. I have been wearing mine inside as I shop in air conditioned buildings, and outside as the evenings get cooler. I like that the gloves complete an outfit, and the slouchy fit adds to the urban look. The open fingers allow for rings to be on display - to remain a part of the overall styled look.
I have found that Ayla Gloves are practical for my everyday tasks:
carrying a drink (tea on the go), holding a glass of wine on the patio (my evenings - not every evening), using my smart phone, holding my toddlers' hand - with a better grip, holding an umbrella, pushing the stroller.... In the Fall, my Ayla Gloves will keep my hands warm during errands and school runs. I have a couple of 3/4 sleeve jackets that I'll wear each pair with during the Fall & Spring. 

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  1. I really like them, I think they would work well with a lot of my 3/4 sleeve sweaters in the fall.

  2. They really are super soft and feel great on - my 7 year old wants a pair now.


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