Summer moments take me back to my childhood....

Jenny Lutes

Enjoying raspberries:

Standing at the kitchen counter...a little bit of cane sugar glittering in my palm...dipping raspberries into the sugar.... I remember walking through the rows of raspberry bushes at my Grandparents' farm...bucket in hand...sampling as I went. Warm sun on my little sister running around chirping with her little girl voice.

I remember walking to the small raspberry bushes at my other Grandmas' backyard and filling a large container...then sitting in her living room and polishing off the whole thing.

Aroma of the BBQ's:

The aroma of my neighbours' BBQ wafting through my window...I don't eat beef but their burgers smell so good.... 

Chasing the ice cream truck:

Hearing the ice cream truck playing music and driving up our street.... I remember warm summer days in Winnipeg, and being 5 and running with my friends down the sidewalk for the truck...

Now I sit at twilight and sip wine as the truck goes through the maze of my neighbourhood...and my girls sleep. 

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