Ava's "Almost Back To School" Party

Ava hadn't seen her friends in awhile so she had an "Almost Back To School" Party this afternoon. She and Maddie used ribbons for the party decor:

Jenny Lutes

Several friends came over for ice cream sundaes (toppings included chocolate & caramel sauces, raspberries, Nerds, and gummy cherries) - I may enjoy a second sundae this evening....

The girls all received goodie bags that contained erasers, pencils, Hubba Bubba gum, and a mini canvas and an easel. They had a bubble blowing contest with the gum and then took turns drawing portraits on the canvases. (Everyone picked a name from the bowl and drew the portrait of that girl.) They took home the portraits of themselves.

Jenny Lutes

It's always fun to have a house full of kids playing...especially when Daddy runs the party...and I get to have a glass of wine and catch up with a friend while we watch the festivities.

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