A Toddlers' Day - Late October

My toddler has been busier as of late...here's a day in her life (yesterday)...from her perspective:

- Took the opportunity to draw all over the top of the white office desk (while Mommy made breakfast)...somehow it looks like a whale

Jenny Lutes

- Played in the toy tent while watching a little Caillou...moved all of the couch cushions into the tent...cuddled babies and stuffed animals...I yelled random words from the tent....

- Had a slow motion fall off of a dining room chair...got lots of hugs from big sister and Mommy

- Covered Mommy's 1985 Preemie Cabbage Patch doll with blue and red pastel crayons...(I coloured on the toy box too)

Jenny Luets, Toddler Art, 2014

- Ended up with more icing on my shirt and face than the Halloween cookies while decorating - I dressed myself so my shirt was on backward anyway...

- Drew a face in red marker on my pumpkin for carving (Mommy ended up with most of it on her hands)...wanted to help Mommy clean out the pumpkin but the odor caused me to flee the room with big sister

Jenny Lutes

- Left a trail of baked pumpkin seeds from the dining room to my bedroom...Mommy picked them up as they stuck to her feet....

- While Mommy was in a conversation at the front door I filled the bathroom sink with cold water and put toys in it...soaked the counter, floor, and myself...I used Mommy's lotion as soap for the toys and drained half the bottle....

- Had a melt down just before dinner due to the lack of my mid-day nap (I didn't want to sleep). Mommy let Daddy handle it...she locked herself in the bathroom and painted her nails.... 

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