5 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Andrea from Mama in the City to come up with 5 random things about me. Here's my info for this blog meme....

1. I greatly dislike zucchini and sun-dried tomatoes - I don't like tropical fruit either (too sweet). I love raspberries, watermelon, grapes, cucumbers.... My favorite meal involves pasta and wine.

2. When I was a toddler a family friend named Steve Bell lived with us for awhile. My dad had a recording studio at the time (in Winnipeg) and Steve was a singer/songwriter (he was 18 then). For my 2nd birthday he didn't have the money to buy me a gift so he wrote a song that he called 'Jenny', and he sang it to me at my party. I remember when I was 5 the radio play of the song was frequent in Winnipeg, and friends' parents would call me over to hear it when I played at their houses.

Years later Anne Murray wanted to buy the rights to the song, but Steve wouldn't sell. Years after that he went on to win Juno Awards for his albums, and he still tours with 'Jenny' in the song lineup. (He's a Christian singer now but he was into rock when we knew him.)

Oddly enough, my Husbands' family knew some of Steve's family growing up. (We grew up in different Provinces and didn't meet until 2002). Also a coincidence, my father-in-law went to the same university, at the same time, as Anne Murray....

3. My Husband and I have a 10 year age difference...Ava keeps forgetting and asking which one of us is 46. I guess everyone looks 46 to kids.

4. When I was in grade 10 we had to do job shadowing for 'Business Ed' (as it was called at the time way back in the early 90's). My Dad set up an opportunity for my friend and I to go to sit in with Larry & Willy during their morning radio show. On the way there we listened to the show and we were laughing along with them because Willy had photocopied his derrière and the copies were circulating around the building. After sitting with them for awhile watching how their program came together, we were moved along into another room to ask a producer some questions. 

I put my report together for my teacher with the details that I had learned about the radio business. I may have included a page at the end that said, "turn this page at your own risk" with a copy of the derrière following.... I heard years after I graduated that the teacher was using my report as the example for the class of how to create a great report. I wonder if this is still the case....   

5. My absolute favorite wine is Kettle Valley Pinot Gris. It looks like a rosé but it's a white wine.

I tag the following 5 bloggers to complete this blog meme challenge: Kristin from Mette.ca, Monika from Aias.ca, Bianca from Bits of Bee, Sarah from More Than Your Average Mom, and Emily from Well fed, Flat Broke.

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