After Midnight.....

...Completed tomorrow's home learning lessons...drinking wine and eating hickory sticks...everyone's in bed and I'm sure my crunching is echoing down the hall (tile floors + apartment living). 

Doing globe studies tomorrow...wrote down longitude and latitude definitions from memory and got them right - mental high five to myself. November is a focused study of an animal of her choice. December will be crafts and baking. (It will be mine, oh yes it will be mine.) Nature walks, glue & glitter, a mixing bowl and a toddler covered in flour...bring it on. Dec.1st will be go time. 

Must go to sleep now. Toddler music class starts at's late...I'm tired...toddler may wake 2-3+ times tonight. A stack of schoolwork awaits for 10:30am...[and the heat seems to have clicked off].

Home learning for Gr. 3 and keeping a 2.5 year old busy = tricky.

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