DIY Snow Globes - A Pinterest Fail or Totally Fabulous?

Jenny Lutes

The girls and I wanted to make snow globes because we love everything Christmas. We cleaned out jars for each of us to use (pasta sauce, peanut butter & salsa jars), and I set out the glitter, faux snow, styrofoam balls, glue, and glycerin.

First, I cut styrofoam balls in half and glued them to the lids. Then we each found items around the house to put into our snow globes. I chose some faux crystals in various shapes, Ava chose her Mukmuk figurine from the 2010 Olympics, and Maddie wanted to use her toy lion. I glued the figures to the styrofoam....

Jenny Lutes

We let the glue set for a couple of hours, and then we poured glitter into the jars (enough to cover the bottoms), a little faux snow, and a few drops of glycerin. We filled the jars with water and put the lids on super tight. When we flipped the globes the girls were very pleased with their creations.

Later when I went to move the globes from the kitchen, I realized that Maddie's lion had escaped and was free floating around the jar. Ava liked the look so much that she opened hers and freed Mukmuk from his snow hill. She swirled her jar and laughed as Mukmuk flew around in there - she called it the Mukmuk tornado.

In the end, both girls liked the unintentional outcome more than what we expected our globes to look like. Mukmuk sleeps at the bottom until the next tornado, and the lion is suspended waiting for the next snowfall. (My faux crystals simply bounce around and catch the light.)

Jenny Lutes

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