Our Gingerbread House Efforts, 2014

Jenny Lutes

Our gingerbread houses never end up looking like the example on the box - if they did that would be too boring. The fun part is trying to assemble the walls and roof without the whole structure caving in.

We had an icing bag malfunction, and I ended up covered in icing....

Jenny Lutes

Then the girls ran off to play for awhile while I sat holding the house together as it dried. My Sister sat with me and patched up spaces with more icing....

Jenny Lutes

When we thought it was structurally sound the girls came back to apply the candy (we also added rockets left over from Halloween). I laughed because as my Sister applied candy, Maddie pulled off and ate the same candy. When she was done her intricate design she realized that every candy was gone.

That's the way it goes with gingerbread houses and kids; you can't stop the sneaky little hands from stealing the enticing candy.

Jenny Lutes

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