Embroidered pillows for Valentine's day - gifts for the girls

Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015

I had originally meant to give these pillows to the girls for Christmas but I didn't complete them quick enough. I finished the embroidery two nights ago and made the pink minky fabric pillows yesterday. (The patterns came from an Etsy shop, and I spent many evenings doing the embroidery.)

Maddie loves yellow, purple, and butterflies so this one's for her:

Jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015

Ava's starting to enjoy embroidering her own designs and this one's for her:

jenny Lutes Ruminating Mommy 2015

I may have dripped salsa on Ava's while snacking and stitching...the pillow covers come off easily and I'll wash them soon enough....  


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