Here comes another birthday....

My birthday is this week and I'll be moving from an even number to an odd one...I don't feel comfortable with this. I'll have a 7 in the new number so maybe that's lucky....

I feel like keeping things simple this year so I'm going out for dinner with friends, and I'll wear something comfy. Last year my outfit looked like this:

Birthday Outfit 2014

This time around this will be my inspiration:

Birthday Outfit 2015

Today, I bought my second pair of Manitobah Muklucks - the Harvester Moccasin, and I'm going to wear them to the restaurant...and I may not change into my heels.  (I bought the Hunter Mid Mukluk in the Fall and I love them.) 

Photo by Manitobah Mukluks
Photo by Manitobah Mukluks

I can walk home after my cocktail(s) in total comfort - Happy birthday to me!

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