I love my new DIY mugs....

My Husband took the girls out for a few hours so I walked to pick up some homeschool  art supplies for the week. While I was at the store I remembered a diy thing that I saw on Pinterest so I bought two white mugs to try out the same technique. ( I may have also bought myself a white hot chocolate...and some chocolate eggs....)

Jenny Lutes, 2015

Supplies for this project:
Nail polish
White mugs
Polish remover
Pie plates

I put warm water and a few drops of nail polish in each pie plate, and then I dipped the mugs into the colour. I used toner pads and polish remover to clean up each rim and inside (had some water spill into the mugs).

Here's the result:

Jenny Lutes 2015

The whole process took 2 minutes and I love the look so I may add some colour to our white bowls - they could use a little love. 

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