Tangle Teezer: Magic Flowerpot Brush - Review

Photos are from the Tangle Teezer site

The Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot detangling brush comes with the promise of: No tears. No tantrums. No tangles. The fun flower circular shape encourages little girls to brush their own hair, and the little flower pot holder is big enough to store barrettes and hair elastics.


Maddie's not a fan of having her hair brushed. Not at all. When her Magic Flowerpot arrived she was very excited to try it out - and then she brushed her dolls hair too.
After she played with the brush for awhile, Maddie wanted to colour the fairy card that came in the box. Then she asked me to style her hair in a 'side pony' tail with a bow just like on the hair styles pamphlet.

Jenny Lutes, Ruminating Mommy 2015

The reverse side of the hair styles pamphlet has a story of how a girl named Matty is upset because it hurts to brush her hair. Then the 'Hair Fairy' comes along and delivers a Magic Flowerpot brush to her and Matty brushes her hair with no upset. The question posed with the pamphlet is, "Do you want princess pretty hair?" I don't agree with marketing to vanity and emphasizing physical appearance with children - so I didn't read this little story to Maddie. 

I recommend this brush because little Maddie has thick hair and she allows me to brush it without any upset. Usually she won't let me brush her hair at all, but with this brush she happily plays while I'm brushing - and it really works the knots out of her hair. Rather than having "Princess Pretty" hair, Maddie has untangled fuss-free hair. 

Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot brushes can be purchased online from Tangle Teezer, Amazon.ca, and other online retailers. 

I received a Magic Flowerpot brush for my review. All opinions and reviews expressed are my own.

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