Throwback Thursday - 2 hours of my life when Maddie was a baby....

I found an old note that I wrote years ago when Maddie was a young baby - a post never written:

A graceful dance through my day with a small baby...

I put on some nail polish because I thought that my neglected nails deserved some attention. Then I wanted to help out little Maddie with her stuffed nose so I opened the saline drops and some shot up into my eye...I wiped it away forgetting that I had new polish on and I covered my eye lid in it...good thing it was a nude colour.

Rushing to get out the door to meet a friend for lunch I loaded Maddie into the stroller, and speed walked to the restaurant. My friend arrived later than I did - good thing because I was late - and we got our babies settled. Her daughter is 6 months older than Maddie so she was sitting in a high chair across from me eating strawberry puree. Unfortunately for me, her daughter also had a cold, and she sneezed, and I ended up with puree on my face. I wiped it away with the back of my hand and kept right on with what I was saying - not missing a beat.

After we ate, my friend had to run off to a class so I sat there with Maddie in no rush to get anywhere. Maddie was ready for milk so I fed her while looking around the restaurant, and I realized that I was the only person with a child there, and all the other people were in suits having lunch meetings. For a split second I felt self-conscious about breastfeeding amongst them, but then I thought, "screw it" and I smiled.

When we were finished I packed her up in the stroller and walked home...of course when we were close to home she started howling and some strangers glared at me because my baby was making so much noise...on a traffic filled busy street.... I pushed her to a quiet street and took her out...dancing around on the side walk I calmed her and she fell asleep in my arms...and I listened to the chimes on someones porch and relaxed. 

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