I'm right in the middle of the ages 35-39 bracket....

Surfing the blogosphere, I came across Elizabeth George's post about how she's now 25 and has moved into the 25-29 age box. She's made a list of things that she did while in the previous box. 

I vaguely remember my 25th year...I eloped and was married in Cuba.... 

My box right now is the 35-39 one, and at 37 I'm stuck in the middle, with me.... (My husband is in the middle of the 45-49 bracket so he has his own existential crisis to deal with...kidding.) 

Anyway, Elizabeth made a list of things that she experienced in her previous age bracket and I was inspired to do the same with my current one.  

So here are 37 things - from ages 35 to 37 - in no particular order:

1. I turned 35 and felt uneasy about no longer being in my early 30's
2. Moved into a new apartment (packing with young children is always a challenge)
3. My baby turned in to a toddler - I had to run to keep up with her
4. Planned and made it through several children's birthday parties
5. We got a new car
6. Many road trips to Kelowna, Squamish, & Whistler
7. Started blasting listening to my ipod as I clean up the kitchen after dinner so I can have a brief reprieve before bedtime routines (while my husband plays with the girls in the backyard)
8. Started a Fashion/Decor blog
9. Started a Spiritual blog
This list is long....
10. Read many books on Archaeology, Quantum Physics, & Space
11. Comforted Ava the first time a pet fish died...she did the flushing when she was ready
12. Planned lots of fun crafts for the girls, and we laughed when they occasionally backfired 
13. Moved halfway through the ACIM Workbook...need to get back to that.... 
14. Did lots of baking with the girls - many flour clouds covered the cupboards and floors
15. Had many walks home from the grocery store: shoulders loaded with grocery bags, Maddie on my back and Ava's hand in mine 
16. Went to several blog/media events
17. Sewed many Halloween costumes for the girls
Still going....
18. Discovered Gaiam TV and I love it
19. Said "goodbye" to some friends, and "hello" to new ones
20. Discovered new wines  
21. Cleaned the house for the 1,055,452 time 
22. My baby turned into a preschooler - I made it through her climbing everything stage
23. Made many batches of play dough with the girls 
24. Started writing a SciFi book 
25. Put on makeup 20-30 times
26. Completed sewing projects - dolls for Maddie, skirts for me, bags for each girl, and more
Stopping to take a sip of wine....
27. Watched all the seasons of Arrested Development 6 times each
28. Celebrated wedding anniversaries 10, 11, & 12
29. Over 6 months+ I recovered from a May 2014 concussion
30. Did 6 loads of laundry a week (sometimes more)
31. Started homelearning with Ava (as per her request)
32. Left the house many times with food/marker/tape/paint on my clothes without noticing until I returned home - none of these things I applied to myself
33. Stood up for our family and our decisions when we were continually questioned by others about homelearning
34. Successfully got Ava through gr. 3 at home, and it was a positive experience 
35. We got another new car
36. Looking at moving to a new city 
37. Still getting ID'd when I buy wine.... (I've been told to take it as a compliment but I feel insulted that after everything I've experienced in this life store clerks still think I look under 25. When they realize I'm older they call me Ma'am.)

After looking at my list, I see that my little day-to-day activities and challenges
are really accomplishments in the long run.... 

We'll see what the last two and a half years of this age bracket will bring my way. 

Take Elizabeth's challenge:
"...make a list of things you accomplished before you move from one age box to the next. You only have a certain amount of time in each box, so make the most of it."

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