My Clothing Selection for #moms30for30: July 2015 edition

I crawled into the depths of my closet and made it out in one piece (oh, it's not a walk-in).... Looking through my drawers and hanging space I narrowed down my selection to mostly basic pieces. Wearing any form fitting clothing and shoes other than flats just won't get me through my days of crafts, pool/beach time, slurpees, packing up our place, moving to Squamish, and exploring our new city.

I may have considered packing while wearing high heels if I didn't have kids and wanted some fabulous Instagram photos....

So here are most of my picks:
(In addition to the 2 pairs of shorts I just mentally added to my list, I can still add 4 more items - and I might switch some out before midnight....)

With the heat wave, I may end up wearing shorts a lot. I tried to mix up my choices in case we get some cooler rainy weather along the way, but at the same time I wanted light weight items for the Squamish portion of July.

What I noticed while going through my closet:
* I have lots of jeans...lots
* I have very few prints and most are pants
* My basic wardrobe is truly basic
* All of my tops are neutrals or pink (with the exception of a couple of printed
* Some of my shirts match my bedroom decor (white & coral)

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  1. Congratulations on having colour in your wardrobe! I have very little and I am giving myself permission to buy 1 more top to add that is not black of grey!

  2. Too funny - I guess many of us wear all neutrals....


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