My Summer 2015 Wardrobe Remix Challenge: #moms30for30

For July, I'm going to take part in the #moms30for30 challenge, and I'll have to remix the same 30 clothing items for 30 days.

I don't ever wear yoga pants, sweat pants, or runners, but my uniform tends to be a t-shirt and jeans. Unfortunately, my shirts usually have paint (sometimes permanent) or food on them from my 3 year old. I guess I should scour my closet for what I want to have as my 30 items... I'm always purging what doesn't fit - or what's ruined - so we'll see what I have to work with.

This wardrobe remix will also challenge me to use my accessories - I rarely wear jewellery unless it's a night out. (With the amount of daily dishes and hand washing I just don't bother wearing any jewellery...even my wedding rings.)

Unless I'm going to an event or for a night out, I don't dress up because I spend all day with my girls. I've felt a pull in the last year to simplify my possessions and through this challenge I want to show appreciation for what I have. I can still have outfits that look pulled together even with simple basic items.

I'm the role model for my daughters, and I want them to understand that it doesn't matter how we dress up our outer self. Our real selves have nothing to do with what we buy or what we wear.

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How to participate:
Choose 30 items of clothing that you already own and wear them for 30 days - mix them up to make 30 different outfits (accessories, shoes, jackets and sports wear aren't included).

Join us July 1st for the summer edition of the #moms30for30, and discover how you can mix and style the contents of your closet. Post photos to Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook with the hashtag #moms30for30, and we can see the outfits that everyone comes up with.

We all have different ideas about dressing, and different reasons for participating in this challenge - what are yours?

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