Days 12-18: #moms30for30

Another week has passed in the #moms30for30 challenge, and this week was a packing palooza for me. 

On moving day I wore my super comfy navy t-shirt and boyfriend jeans. For our first day in Squamish I unpacked boxes in my lovely kimono which I repurposed out of a kaftan that I didn't wear often. 

Ruminating Mommy 2015, diy, sewing, fashion, closet remix, #moms30for30, vintage accessories
Ruminating Mommy 2015, diy, fashion, sewing, closet remix, #moms30for30

Day 12:
* cream t-shirt
* cream sweater
* blue skinny jeans
* vintage necklace (bought in PEI)

Day 13:

* water colour pattern shirt
* boyfriend jeans
* brown & gold sandals

Day 14:

* cinnamon t-shirt
* jean shorts
* brown & gold sandals
* faux amber earrings

Day 15:

* black tank top 
* jean shorts
* black long cardigan w/ pockets
* gold tiger's eye ring (House of Harlow 1960)
* gold coin earrings

Day 16:

* floral blouse
* jean shorts
* silver chandelier earrings

Day 17:
* navy t-shirt
* boyfriend jeans
* silver bracelet
* rose quartz bracelet (Mala Collective)

Day 18:

* kimono (I made it from repurposing my kaftan)
* white tank top 
* jean shorts

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