Days 5 - 11: #moms30for30

I've completed another week of the #moms30for30 wardrobe challenge, and so far I haven't had too many item repeats. 

This weekend should be cooler so maybe I can put the shorts aside for a few days.... The heat wave forced me to wear shorts often, and I haven't worn them in years. Usually, I wear capri pants and t-shirts all summer, but I've used this challenge to add some dresses/skirts and shorts into the mix. 

ruminating mommy 2015, fashion, remix, #moms30for30
ruminating mommy 2015, fashion, remix, #moms30for30

Day 5:

* grey skinny jeans
* coral shirt


* marled knit joggers w/ pockets
* black tank top
* black bead necklace (my sister bought it for me in St. Lucia)

Day 7:

"Canadian Tuxedo"
* denim shirt
* white tank top
* jean shorts

Day 8:

* grey t-shirt dress
* gunmetal chain necklace

Day 9:
* cream t-shirt
* floral pants w/ pockets
* gold leaf earrings

Day 10:

* fuchsia shirt
* jean shorts

Day 11:

* pink blouse with black dots
* jeans
* silver earrings

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