How To Update Your Space with All of Your Old Stuff

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We moved less than 3 weeks ago, and I've just finished setting up our new place. Unpacking on my own during the day with a 3 year old running around was challenging to say the least.

The layout of our new home is different than our previous place so I had to get creative with furniture placement and decor. (I took Space Planning at BCIT many years ago which came in handy with this move....) 

As I was dragging furniture around the rooms, and hanging art, I had the idea for this post. I thought of some simple ideas for changing up a home without buying new items - because we need to get away from buying stuff to fill up our spaces. When we move we need to "move" our things into new spots....

My ideas and what I changed in our new space:

* Hang curtains in different rooms than before - I switched our living room and master bedroom curtains 

* Hang art and pictures in new rooms - I put up art in our dining room that had previously been in a hallway

* Have 2 couch slipcovers and use the one that you haven't had out in awhile - we have a grey cover and a white cover for our Ikea couch and I put the white one on 

* Place armoires and hutches along different walls - I placed a small vintage hutch 
(that holds board & card games) in a hallway but it was previously in our dining room; I put a set of glass fronted cabinets in the master bedroom that were previously in the dining room (they now house books and mementos)

* Remove closet doors and hang a rod and curtains to allow for more space in front of closets - I've hung vintage Sarees in place of closet doors in the girls' bedroom to allow for more play space 

* Put dressers in closets to allow for more wall space in the bedrooms - for years I've placed our dressers in the bedroom closets to give the girls more play space, and to allow for more overall space in the bedrooms 

* Use vertical space - hang shelves inside closets as high as you can (place items you use less frequently up top); in the kitchen I've placed cake & cookie plates, a tea set,  party trays, and cheese platters/plates on the very top of our cabinets (they look great on display but are easy to access) 

* Purge & donate, or store what doesn't fit in the new space. Don't be attached to the stuff and just let it go. I had to give up 2 large cabinets because our new place couldn't fit them - so I had to get very creative with our storage of craft materials, photo albums, office supplies, vases, books, etc. I had to let some items go and others I have at various locations to store for our next space (thank you family for holding some items for me). 

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