Marsha Mellow Goes Missing: An Unofficial Story for Shopkins Collectors - Book Review

Ava loves Shopkins, and she collects them to use in the videos that she makes with our camera. She creates story lines and plot twists as she acts out her ideas with the different characters. To delve further into the Shopkins adventures, Ava read 'Marsha Mellow Goes Missing: An Unnoficial Story for Shopkins Collectors', by Kenley Shay and published by Sky Pony Press. She got a kick out of her name being included in the story.

Story outline:

The Shopkins Kids Club members meet each week to trade and play with their Shopkins. As the girls play together they learn lessons about friendships and family.

Maggie looks forward to camping with her family and the Shopkins Kids Club, but on the trip her Marsha Mellow Shopkin goes missing. She thinks that her friends took Marsha Mellow - and suspects club member Ava... When her little brother goes missing while camping, Maggie learns about the importance of her family and friends - she realizes that she can be a better sister and friend.

Morals of the story:

* Take care of your possessions

* Don't judge others too quickly
* Apologize when there's a reason to
* Include others - don't exclude people

Marsha Mellow Goes Missing: An Unnoficial Story for Shopkins Collectors can be purchased at and . It's recommended for children ages 7-12 years, and I think that children who enjoy playing with Shopkins will like the book.

I received a copy of 'Marsha Mellow Goes Missing' for my review. All opinions and reviews are my own.

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