Portable Coloring for Creative Adults - Book Review

I've been spending some of my evening down time - of which I don't have a lot - listening to music and colouring...and maybe drinking some wine. Skyhorse Publishing has put out the 'Portable Coloring for Creative Adults' series in which there are four different themed books to choose from - 'Calming Patterns', 'Sea Life', 'Natural Wonders', and 'Flying Wonders'. I've been using the Calming Patterns book which is full of mandalas, flora, bird, and butterfly motifs. Ava likes the Sea Life book because it's full of fish, critters, coral, whales, dolphins, and starfish.

"The recent surge in adult coloring is not just attributed to nostalgia but also its therapeutic effects. Coloring encourages creativity without the intimidation of staring at a blank page. In fact, research suggests that coloring within a premade design might help fight anxiety.

"This new Portable Coloring for Creative Adults series from Skyhorse is conveniently sized. With a 6.5" x 8.5" trim in hardcover, it is completely new and different and perfect for coloring on the go...."

To buy 'The Portable Coloring for Creative Adults' check out Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, and Barnes & Noble.

I received a copy of 'Calming Patterns' and 'Sea Life' for my review. All opinions and reviews expressed are my own.

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  1. I've seen quite a few of these colouring books for adults.. I'm curious! It could be a nice stress release.


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