My Clothing Selection for the #spring30for30

Success - I've chosen 24 items for the #spring30for30, and I have space to add more as the days go on. I'll be posting my daily outfits to Instagram and Twitter, and I'll do weekly recap posts of my outfits.

I shall take the 24-30 items and wear different combinations for each day in April. I'll add jewellery and accessories, and perhaps try some new hairstyles. My ambition may depend on how my mornings go with the children....

What I discovered about my wardrobe:

* Denim is abundant
* Black, white and grey are prevalent
* I have more prints than I realized
* I really like purple
* I really love my sweaters & cardigans

Several bloggers are participating in the #spring30for30 - take a look at their clothing selections:

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Join us in this closet remix challenge and post your daily outfits to Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook with the hashtag #spring30for30 - start posting your outfits April 1st.

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