Days 3-9: #spring30for30

Here are my outfits for week two of the #spring30for30

wardrobe challenge,fashion, Ruminating Mommy, #spring30for30, capsule wardrobe, closet remix
wardrobe challenge, Ruminating Mommy, fashion, #spring30for30, capsule wardrobe, closet remix

Day 3:
* Black shirt
* Boyfriend jeans
Day 4:
* Purple shirt
* Grey tank top
* Black leggings
* Orgonite pendant

Day 5:
* Floral dress
* Vintage Art Deco earrings

Day 6:
* Black shirt
* Floral pants
Day 7:  
* Black cotton trench coat (as lightweight as a shirt)
* Striped t-shirt
* Boyfriend Jeans
* Silver leaf earrings
* Hair in side braid
Day 8:
* Purple Orchid coloured shirt
* Boyfriend jeans
* Hair in a side bun
Day 9:
* Oatmeal sweater
* White tank top
* Black leggings
* Gold coin earrings
* Hair in a side braid

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