How To Grow A Friend - Children's Book Review

One of Maddie's favorite bedtime books is "How To Grow A Friend" - written and illustrated by Sara Gillingham. It's a sweet story that talks about how to grow a friendship in relation to growing a flower. 

Little Maddie understands that friendships need:

* a good foundation - to be planted in "...good soil"
* attention - to be watered
* nurturing - "...warm sunshine"
* time apart sometimes - " to bloom"
* friends to be there for each other - to " and listen"
* "...friends to stand by each other in rain or shine."

 Sometimes friends:
* bother each other - so " the bugs away together"
* need to be there for each other  - "...don't let your friends get stuck in the weeds."

I want my girls to be aware and thoughtful of how they treat others, and this book is a great little reminder of how to do just that. Friendships can be challenging at times but they're worth the time we give them.

How To Grow A Friend can be purchased online at: and Penguin Random House.

We purchased this book for our family.

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