Mother's Day at My Mom's

Watching my Husband blow bubbles for the girls as they run around the yard ...the afternoon sun warming my arms...a view of the mountains and ocean...shucking corn for dinner and listening to Great Grandma talk about life on the prairies in the 1930's... Diana Krall playing on the stereo....
Grandpa napping in the shade...Grandma and I sipping pink Mother's Day wine.... 

I used to live here during the first year of our separation...the only trace is the faded bathroom curtain that I made.... I never thought that we’d have a life together again - never thought that we’d have another daughter.
Thirteen years of marriage - 2 apart in the middle - I’m so thankful that we came back around. Another Mother’s Day spent together.... It's almost time to pack for a move to a new city...adventure awaits.

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