Recap of the April 2016 #spring30for30

Another closet remix challenge has come and gone, and for the #spring30for30 my challenge to myself was to do some new hair styles. I always put my hair in a bun to keep it out of my face all day, but this time I added some side braids, buns, and twists into the mix.

I feel that clothes have nothing to do with who we are [and they shouldn't define us], but sometimes it's fun to wear some colour and prints. I understand draping and construction, and I get why some people are really into clothing/accessories and shopping. As I said with the #moms30for30 challenge, "Fashion should be utilitarian or fun - depending on your perception."

Shopping and filling my closet was a fun past time for me, but in recent years I've decided to only shop when I need to replace items due to the wear and tear of motherhood. I can no longer justify buying clothes and shoes to just sit in a closet - I will no longer add more "stuff" to my home.

From my little shared closet [with my husband] I selected 30 items to rotate for the 30 days of the #spring30for30. Some days my outfits were very casual and others I dressed up a little more - depending on the day's activities. Here are my #spring30for30 outfits for April:

fashion, florals, stripes, cardigans, boyfriend jeans

fashion, stripes, forever 21,, florals
orgonite pendant, boyfriend chambray, stripes
forever 21, fashion, aztec print, turquoise, blue quartz, hair twist
fashion, stripes, purple, diy kids necklace, glasses, mother of pearl pendant
fashion, cobalt denim, tagua nut necklace, orgonite pendant
All of the bloggers who participated in the #spring30for30 had different intentions and feelings about their clothes when we started the month. View their blogs to read about their outfit choices, and their realizations upon completing the wardrobe challenge.

Use the hashtag #spring30for30 on Instagram and Twitter to see all of the outfits for the month. (The hashtag #moms30for30 will lead to our previous July 2015 outfits....)

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