My Top Six Posts of 2016 - New Years Eve 2016

This year brought a lot of challenges and hard days, but the upside is that we bought our first house in the Okanagan in the spring. Vernon is a big change from Vancouver and I really like it - sunny weather, hot summers, snowy winters...orchards...wineries. People say, "hello" and "good morning" as you pass on the street - that never happens in Vancouver.... Sometimes in life we have to take big leaps of faith and that's what we did buying in Vernon after only one previous visit. I always trust my intuition and make big decisions based on a combo of logic and feeling.

I looked back through all of my posts of 2016, and I've put together my top 6 most read posts of the year:

1) I Am Not This Body: 

I talked about my 30 pound weight gain caused by 2 years of stress combined with hypothyroidism. Being in the throws of motherhood I didn't have time to focus on the body but I was conscious that I would lose the weight over time.

"My best self is the human who is ever evolving and who is compassionate, loving, nurturing, respected and forgiving."

2) My First Two Rounds of the 21 Day Fix Are Complete and Now I'm on Round Three:

I committed to doing the 21dayfix with a group of Ladies and we supported each other via a Facebook page. I kept with the exercise and eating program and I saw results so I continued on for two more rounds. Over the past 6 months with continued physical activity I've lost 20 pounds.

"I'm not looking at the scale (we don't have one) or measurements - my goal is to wear my own regular clothes again that I have boxed up. I'll continue to workout often and eat well, and my daughters will look on as Mom gets stronger." 

Perhaps I would have lost more weight had I given up wine...but why in the hell would I do that?

3) Six Important Things I Want My Daughters To Know About Life:

Confidence, Connection, No Judgement, Trust Intuition, Forgive. Love.

"No one is fulfilled by anything outside of themselves – even if they think they are. Real confidence and self-esteem comes from knowing who we are - not what we have."

"Love others for who they are and not who you want them to be. Love yourself first and be respectful to yourself. Be thoughtful with the words you say."

4) Tones For Tots: A Fusion Family of Products - Paint Review:

When we moved I received a selection of paint colours from the Tones for Tots line from Fusion Mineral Paint. Maddie was happy to help paint her vintage bedside table and dresser.

"Maddie's vintage dresser was my childhood dresser...and my Mom's...and originally my Great-Grandma's.

I had left over paint so I used some pink paint on the bench that I updated. See my post: Updating A Rickety Garden Bench.

5) A Day In the Life of A Stay at Home & Homelearning Mom:

We've been homelearning for 2.5 years and have gotten in to a good flow...usually. In this post I recount a typical day at home with the girls.

"8:15am - Did my daily 15 minute meditation...standing at the kitchen island.... (On a different particularly stressful day, cheeky 9 year old Ava said, "You meditated. Well, it's not working.")

9:00am to 11:00am - Homelearning with Ava...language arts, science, and art...Ava put together her circuits, and we learned about the different Biomes of the planet.

1:15pm - Just about accidentally kicked the hamster ball as I was walking and he ran between my feet...hamster soccer is frowned upon...."

6) DIY Braided Rug for Maddie's Desk Area

I made Maddie a mini braided rug from Ava's old clothes - things that couldn't be fixed due to paint and unmendable holes. 

I'll be ringing in the new year with a bottle glass of wine and after my last few years I'm ready for anything.  Happy New Year! I hope. 

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