See You Later, Alligator - Children's Book Review

See You Later, Alligatorwritten by Sally Hopgood and illustrated by Emma Levey, centers around Tortoise who wants "to go on a big adventure to see the world". As he slowly walks along he says goodbye to all of his animal friends - starting with Alligator. 

He waves to each animal he passes - "Toodle-oo, Kangaroo." "I'll be gone before noon, Mrs.Baboon, because it's a long way there Baby Bear". "I'll be back, Frog Named Jack. Sooner than you think Slinky Mink." By the time Tortoise says goodbye to all of the animals and reaches the park gates they're locked. At the end of this story we learn that he makes his walk to the gates everyday, and everyday the gates are locked by the time he gets there. So he turns around and plans his walk for the next day. 

My 4 year old Maddie likes this book because it's full of rhymes and animals - including a dog, cat, rhinoceros, butterfly, bumblebee, baby deer, buffalo and more. The pictures are colourful and the animals are full of personality. 

To find a copy of See You Later, Alligator check out Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. 

I received a copy of See You Later, Alligator for my post. All opinions and reviews are my own.

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