Updating a rickety garden bench....

On a walk one day in the summer, Ava and I spotted this rickety wooden bench in a lane - a neighbour left it out for anyone to take along with other random items. I joked to Ava that we should carry it home...we didn't. The next day my Husband and Ava came home from a walk with it....

Last week I finally had a chance to fix up the bench. I know that some people don't like to paint wood, but this bench was very weathered and needed a new finish. I started by filling joints with wood glue and I clamped the structure while it dried.

Then I sanded the whole thing and painted it with the Tones for Tots Piggy Pink - I had leftover paint from Maddie's room. 

throw, minky pillows, yellow pillows, pink pillows, diy

I covered the two built in cushions with some minky fabric that I had left over from the embroidered Valentine's pillows that I made last year for the girls.

I'm waiting on my new curtains to arrive - a yellow and white wide horizontal stripe print. Our open concept kitchen/dining/den will be complete with the curtains and the vintage kilim pillows that are also on the way.  I added my new cream faux fur throw to the other bench that sits at our dining room table. I spend most of my time in this space between homeschooling, meal prep and computer time so I want it to be as comfortable as the living room.

2016, orange bench


My vintage Kilim pillows arrived tonight...I'm really happy with them.

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