#MOMS30FOR30 - My 30 choices for this time around....

I'm participating in the #moms30for30 for all of May. I've chosen close to 30 items to wear with space to add a couple more items as the days go on.  

The challenge is to mix and wear only the 30 items for the whole month, and my added challenge to myself is to wear more accessories. Usually I don't wear any unless it's a night out.... My days are usually very similar - I'm home all day homeschooling my 10 year old. My trips out of the house include: walking my 5 year old to and from preschool, walking to run errands (appointments, library, wine store), and hanging out in either my back yard or my sisters'. In May I have a couple of evenings planned - my 14th Anniversary and a Mom night out - but other than that it's life as usual.  

I've participated in two previous closet remixes - #spring30for30 in April 2016, and #moms30for30 
in July 2015. For the July one I was living in Vancouver, and for the April one I was living in Squamish. Now I live in Vernon and the weather is different...we don't have many rainy days and last May was very warm so we'll see how this goes. 

I'll post my daily outfits to Instagram, and I'll do a weekly blog recap post. Now I have to figure out what to wear tomorrow....

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