Days 15-21: #moms30for30

Week three of the #moms30for30 is done, and I mixed in a skirt and dress this week. I rarely wear anything other than jeans unless it's really hot...the temperature is climbing though. This long weekend has been very warm so far, and it won't be long before I break out the jean shorts.... 

Day 15:
* Chambray shirt
* Oatmeal cardigan
* Light blue jeans
* Gold necklace

Day 16:
* Plaid shirt
* Flared jeans
* Mother of pearl pendant

Day 17:
* Pink shirt
* Flared jeans
* Orgonite pendant

Day 18:
* Blush t-shirt
* White/black print pants
* Silver feather earrings

Day 19:
* Black long sleeved t-shirt
* Joggers
* Chandelier earrings

Day 20:
* Grey/black striped tank
* Black pencil skirt
* Rhinestone floral necklace

Day 21:
* Blue, pink & cream print dress
* Cream cardigan
* Blue necklace

Take a look at what outfits the other bloggers put together this week by using the hashtag #moms30for30 on Instagram & Twitter. 

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